About Me

After graduating from college with a liberal arts degree, I had a variety of jobs which, in retrospect, were all “therapy” jobs. I was a bartender, a realtor and a makeup artist. When sufficient clarity emerged, I enrolled in school, pursuing a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. I graduated from Phillips Graduate Institute in 1990 and, after completing the requisite hours of experience (at various agencies and in a private practice internship) and passing the examinations, I obtained my California license in July, 1992.

After working in the field for several years I became curious to know more, to understand people better, and to find ways of being more helpful. I began taking courses at LAISPS (Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Studies).

Initially, I attended short-term Extension classes, and then enrolled in a full-year course in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I ” caught the bug”, so to speak, and became clearer about my professional identity.

This led to applying and enrolling as a candidate and becoming certified (through LAISPS) as a psychoanalyst in June, 2008 and becoming a member of the IPA ( International Psychoanalytic Association). Currently, I am serving as co-chair of the Institute’s Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Certificate Program.

Additionally, I teach both in this program and also in the four-year analytic training program. I am also adjunct associate professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where I teach “Self Psychology, Intersubjectivity and Relational Psychoanalysis”. Being an analyst involves a lifelong commitment to learning and relearning, and staying fresh with new ideas obtained both from studying and from what I learn from my patients.

Another area of professional interest is the development of new talent in the field. To that end I am a volunteer supervisor for a couple of local agencies and also supervisor to my private practice interns. (You can learn more about them on the page for Clinical Associates) . I am also available for consultation with other licensed therapists.