Areas of Specialization

I work with a wide spectrum of people, from ages 20-something to 70-something, and those with a variety of presenting issues. That said, two areas of particular interest include 1) others in the mental health field; and, 2) people in the entertainment industry: actors, artists, producers, writers.

I have helped with issues of depression and anxiety, as well as confusion about personal and professional identity. Many people I see have a history of trauma of one sort or another. Trauma comes in many forms and could include physical, sexual or emotional abuse, divorce in the family or neglect of physical or emotional/psychological needs. Often this sort of neglect is “invisible” to the patient as, by all accounts, the family of origin seemed normal, unremarkable. Identifying and articulating these events can begin the process of their resolution. In this way, the past can truly be put into the past, allowing for the development of a richer and more vibrant present